expertise in physical models


Development of products and processes requires knowledge of the underlying physics and chemistry. Models are useful, within certain limits. However, reality is often complex and shows unpredictable elements. Skilled analytic professionals who can transform your hands-on experience into a reliable predictive model are helpful in such cases.

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A full product design flow requires knowledge of various comprehensive CAD/CAM tools added with CFD/FEM modeling tools. This is quite a challenge for small companies, both in terms of organization and finance. We would like to provide you with a compact and easy accessible multiphysics simulation package, including pre-processing (meshing) and post-processing (evaluation of results).

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The richness of physics stands out beautifully by showing students exactly what happens during transport phenomena. The application of computational science sheds light on any experiment or product design. If you are motivated to construct a solid base for a technological career, please read further.

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